Stijn Pieters

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Early 2018, PM was tasked with creating a unique training concept. The organisation asked to combine proposed learning objectives with fun and creative elements to train leadership competences, strategic thinking, tactical planning and more. After long talks PM team decided to pitch a serious game: the Zombie Game.

Objectives of the game
We at PM believe that the Zombie Game goes to the essence of crisis management during the first few hours. This is the moment where chaos reigns and where everyone involved is busy finding a rhythm and trying to create some kind of order while responding to the crisis. The game is played by three groups of people, each having their own purpose and goals:

The Battlefield is in charge of crisis operations.

The Alert Network takes on crisis communication.

The War Room is in charge of governance.



Stijn Pieters is a crisis strategist who specialises in risk and crisis management for companies and governments. He is co-founder and managing partner of PM • Risk Crisis Change, an agency specialised in crisis management and communication.

He has a background in digital communication, strategic communication, public relations, social media strategies, crisis communication, crisis management and disaster management. He holds a Postgraduate in disaster management, Campus Vesta (University of Antwerp). In his dissertation he covered the pre-crisis conditions for effective learning during crisis communication simulations in organisations.

Stijn is co-founder of the CIP Institute, a collaboration platform that advocates research and development in the field of risk and crisis management. He is an active member of the Federal Belgian Crisis Communications Response Team. Stijn is also an author and frequent lecturer in risk & crisis management and crisis communication.