Stijn Pieters

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What to do when your Project becomes a Crisis (Case Study)

There are more similarities between Crisis Management and Project Management than meets the eye. But what happens when your crisis becomes a project – or worse, when your project becomes a crisis? As a crisis advisor being involved in numerous urgent or smouldering crisis situations, Robbert Meulemeester has experienced that bad management can make a crisis worse than it actually is. Using a recent case he and his colleagues worked on, Robbert will explain what Project Managers and Crisis Managers should learn from each other.



Stijn Pieters is a crisis strategist who specialises in risk and crisis management for companies and governments. He is co-founder and managing partner of PM • Risk Crisis Change, an agency specialised in crisis management and communication.

He has a background in digital communication, strategic communication, public relations, social media strategies, crisis communication, crisis management and disaster management. He holds a Postgraduate in disaster management, Campus Vesta (University of Antwerp). In his dissertation he covered the pre-crisis conditions for effective learning during crisis communication simulations in organisations.

Stijn is co-founder of the CIP Institute, a collaboration platform that advocates research and development in the field of risk and crisis management. He is an active member of the Federal Belgian Crisis Communications Response Team. Stijn is also an author and frequent lecturer in risk & crisis management and crisis communication.